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First 2 months at Shipt

I’ve been working at Shipt for almost 2 months. It seems like only a week or two because it’s been a crazy flash of building and shipping software (our service is currently in beta here in Birmingham, Alabama). And damn…has it been fun 😎.

We have been focused on building a grocery delivery service, which not surprisingly falls into the, easier said than done, category. It’s such a fun problem to solve, and it is great to work on a small team that is focused on doing something.

Up until we started our beta rollout a few weeks ago almost everyone was focused on building out the necessary tech or gathering grocery product data. Gathering up all this product data is a pretty important part of this whole…thing, without the products that our customers want in our system, nobody will order anything.

My title is “Mobile Developer”, which doesn’t limit me to just doing mobile development but that is where my focus is allot of the time. I have been working on building a mobile app for our customers where they will be able to shop and buy groceries from their phones (and tablets etc.). We’re also building a separate app that our grocery shoppers will use to shop and deliver the grocery orders. The apps we are building will run on android and iOS, we are using stuff like AngularJS & Ionic (I plan on writing more about that soon, so much fun tech! 👍 ). I’v been learning a bunch about mobile development and design, and it is great to work at a startup where learning is what it is all about. This is a really amazing chance to learn and to do something I feel passionate about.

We’re having a shit ton of fun making some great stuff that people seem to really want. We have just started and I’m looking forward to what we can create. We plan on expanding our service to another city soon and that is going to be great! To quote my co-worker Franz Pereira, “ 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀” (not an exact quote but its close).

Also, I would like to thank my friends at my previous job, SuccessEHS/Greenway Health. My old managers and co-workers always encouraged me to keep learning new things and become a better developer. Thanks.