I last updated this list on Feb 17, 2015.

Just to give it a shout-out right now I am using the Overcast app for iPhone that came a little while back and I am loving it. Give it a try.

I like listening to podcasts on the way to and from work. Here are some of my go-to tech podcasts that I like to listen to.

Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP)

A really good podcast, mostly apple focused. Got turned on to the show because Marco Arment is one of the hosts and I like to follow him.

A tech podcast we accidentally created while trying to do a car show. Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa.

The Ihnatko Almanac

I am a fan of Andy Ihnatko, I like his take on things and his general rants he goes on in this podcast.

The Ihnatko Almanac is a weekly discussion that mostly focuses on the Clickable Arts: the movies, music, books, comics, articles, and other bits of entertainment and news that Andy and Dan have been reaching through a mouse click recently. Warning: the Almanac is a designated meme-free zone. We prefer our pianos to be played by expert human artists, not by poorly-Photoshopped cats. Hosted by Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin.

Happy Hour By 9to5Mac

Happy Hour is a podcast hosted by Dom Esposito and the staff of 9to5Mac discussing the latest in tech news.

Javascript Jabber

I have just recently started listening to this podcast and I am liking it so far. I found it while looking for some Ionic Framework stuff around the web and I have listened to a few so far and I like it.

Adventures in Angular

Great Podcast covering some of the news around teh AngularJS world. They have some heavy weight guests on and talk about some great stuff.

StartUp Podcast

This is a series about Alex Blumberg starting a company that does podcasting. He is recording conversations and documenting his journey along the way. Its really funny and interesting, I am hooked.

.NET Rocks

Dot NET Rocks seems to me to be the grand poobah of tech podcasts specifically in the .net dev circle. Carl and Richard are great at having interesting guests on the show to talk about all sorts of things. The geek out shows which focus on things outside of the .net development world are all worth listening to and are great fun.


I like Scott Hanselman and enjoy hearing his thoughts on different things. His podcast, Hanselminutes, has great list of guests that he interviews about lots of different topics.

Herding Code

This podcast does not have has many episodes as some of the others but the ones that do come out are deffinatly worth a listen. K. Scott Allen from odetocode.com is a cohost on this show and he is one of my favorie authors on pluralsight.

Yet Another Podcast

By Jesse Liberty. Lots of .net and web dev talk.

StackExchange Podcast

As a pretty avid StackOverflow user I enjoy listening to this podcast when it comes out. The hosts are a goofy group that if for nothing else are worth listening to for the comedic value.

TWIT Pocdast Familly

I lumped these under one heading but my favorites are as follows (kind of in order…):

  • TWIT (This Week in Tech)
  • Windows Weekly
  • MacBreak Weekly
  • Tech News Today (TNT)