Version 1.1 of my app ChkBook was just released to the iOS app store last week. I figured I would do a little write up of the changes I made and maybe so me of the ideas I have going forward.


So Far

ChkBook has done pretty well with regards to downloads, the app has been downloaded 70 times as of Dec. 15 2014 which is good considering the app was released on Nov. 24 2014. I have also thrown together a webpage for the app and you can find that here at,

Another little bit of news to share is that ChkBook is now featured in the Ionic Framework Showcase. I am very thankful to the Ionic Framework team for accepting ChkBook into their showcase.

Version 1.1

So for v 1.1 I fixed a few little bugs I had with the input forms for Transactions and Accounts, basically to make sure the dollar amount values that were inputed by the user were valid (like no special characters). Logan Moore, one of my co-workers pointed this out to me when he was inputing values, he was putting commas into the amount and it was breaking all the math that the app was doing.

Also the main thing you will see in 1.1 is the UI changes I made, including a new app icon (seen above). I have updated the UI to be more flat by taking out some borders and adding some drop shadow to the css. I think it makes it look a little more modern and also moves it towards the Material Design that Google has come out with recently that I really love. I would really like to move the app completely towards the Material Design in the future. Here is a side by side for an example of the changes I made.





Moving Forward

I have allot of cool ideas moving forward, and I have received some really great feedback from users and I will try to work on things based off what people would like to see. One thing that I am working on currently is some application settings that will let you customize some of the functionality of that app in some places that might save some time. Another feature that was suggested by my co-worker Jacob Duncan that I am going to try and put into the settings will be the option to lock the app down with a password, so when you open the app it will ask for a password before you can see data. I will also put in a setting to auto clear transactions when they are created because there are some users where this will save them an extra step when creating transactions on accounts.

Please leave a comment on this post or leave an app review if you have any ideas of ways you would like to see ChkBook improved. Thanks!